Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

At Avanti, we believe in offering our discerning clients the most comprehensive and effective therapies to help them overcome addiction. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a key component of our personalized treatment programs, designed to provide unparalleled support and empowerment.

The Science Behind Its Functionality

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a highly specialized and evidence-based form of psychotherapy that combines elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy with mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches. Originally developed to treat individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder, DBT has also proven to be remarkably successful in helping individuals struggling with addiction.
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Perfect Moments for Implementation

This transformative therapy is used to assist individuals facing a range of emotional and behavioural challenges associated with addiction. DBT equips individuals with invaluable skills to regulate their emotions, tolerate distress, improve interpersonal relationships, and develop a healthier self-image. By targeting fundamental areas of functioning, DBT provides individuals with the tools needed to overcome their struggle against addiction and build a fulfilling life in recovery.

Integrating its Use at Avanti

At Avanti, we recognize that each individual’s journey is unique, and our expert team of clinicians is dedicated to tailoring DBT to meet your specific needs. In our serene and comfortable environment, you will receive undivided attention and care from our compassionate therapists, guiding you through the transformative process of DBT.

Achieving Wholeness

Avanti’s commitment to your healing extends beyond therapy sessions. We offer a range of high-end amenities and services, ensuring your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. From luxurious accommodations to gourmet meals and holistic wellness options, every aspect of your stay is designed to enhance your well-being and provide an environment of total serenity.

At Avanti, we consider your journey to overcome addiction as a deeply personal and transformative experience. With the guidance of DBT and the unparalleled support of our expert team, we are dedicated to helping you rediscover your inner strength and reclaim your life. Trust Avanti to provide you with the individualized, luxurious care you deserve, as we stand by you every step of the way on your path to lasting recovery.

Our Restoration of Life Program

Your journey to recovery starts with a single step. Let Avanti be your guiding light in overcoming addiction and rediscovering a life of purpose and fulfillment. Contact us today to begin your transformation.

Life after your treatment

Imagine a future of renewed purpose, vibrant health, and unbridled joy. We are committed to ensuring a bright future for you and your loved ones. At Avanti, we aim to provide you with the tools necessary for a fulfilling and thriving life. Firmly believing that your journey of overcoming alcohol addiction is just the beginning towards a life of long-term fulfillment and happiness.

Initiate Your Healing Journey with Avanti Today

If you or your loved one is seeking superior care for addiction and a transformative healing experience, reach out to Avanti today. Our compassionate team is committed to guiding you towards a brighter, healthier future, free from the constraints of addiction. Take that crucial first step towards recovery and commence your journey of renewal with Avanti.
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