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Our distinguished team, comprising seasoned medical practitioners, psychologists, certified therapists, and addiction specialists, collaboratively delivers comprehensive care that addresses addiction’s underlying causes. Our multi-disciplinary team, renowned for their expertise, are perfectly in sync to provide the most effective and compassionate treatment.

Graeme Duncan

Researcher and Business Development


Graeme Duncan stands at the forefront of innovative addiction rehabilitation research, boasting an illustrious career marked by numerous publications on lifestyle change and the complexities of addiction. With a deep-seated passion for uncovering state-of-the-art adjunct therapies, Duncan has pioneered the integration of methods like Neurofeedback, which empowers individuals to gain heightened control over their brain functions, thereby fortifying executive functions pivotal for addiction recovery. He has similarly championed Hypnotic Light Therapy, leveraging the therapeutic potential of specific light frequencies to induce relaxation and combat addiction and insomnia. Moreover, he delves into the molecular realm with Nutrigenomics, a technique that harnesses genetic insights to craft tailored polyphenol supplement regimens, offering a cellular repair mechanism against substance abuse aftermath. Duncan’s holistic approach is further underscored by his promotion of Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy for neural recuperation, his advocacy for a health-enhancing vegetarian diet, and his introduction of the transformative Prashna Vijnana Therapy, which fosters cognitive resilience through introspective questioning techniques.

Before immersing himself in the world of addiction research, Duncan navigated the intricate terrains of Financial Asset Management. This former serial entrepreneur not only brings with him a wealth of business acumen but also epitomizes a tenacious and optimistic spirit. This outlook, cultivated from diverse experiences and global research explorations, greatly enriches the Avanti Detox and Rehab environment, instilling hope and vision both in staff and those journeying towards rehabilitation.

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