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Our distinguished team, comprising seasoned medical practitioners, psychologists, certified therapists, and addiction specialists, collaboratively delivers comprehensive care that addresses addiction’s underlying causes. Our multi-disciplinary team, renowned for their expertise, are perfectly in sync to provide the most effective and compassionate treatment.

Dr. Leon Richards

A National Expert in Addiction Medicine and Public Health


Dr. Leon Richards, holding a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Western Sydney University (2013), coupled with an Opioid Treatment Accreditation (2019) and a distinguished Masters of Public Health achieved with a High Distinction Average Weighted Mark (2020-2022), stands as a paradigm of academic excellence and clinical expertise. His extensive training, including commendable projects like the one at Liverpool Hospital Psychiatric Department aimed at “Improving the Physical Health of Psychiatric Patients,” showcases his deep commitment to holistic patient care. Such accolades not only reflect his unwavering dedication to the medical field but also underscore the rigorous academic and clinical training he has received.

At Avanti Detox and Rehab, we understand the importance of blending traditional methods with cutting-edge, progressive approaches in addiction treatment. Dr. Richards embodies this philosophy. His vast experience, ranging from cardiothoracic surgery to psychiatry, from emergency care to rehabilitation medicine, empowers him with a multifaceted perspective, essential for the personalized holistic approach we advocate. His role as a psychiatry registrar at Hunter New England Mental Health, focusing on both adolescent mental health and substance use disorders, aligns seamlessly with our mission. Moreover, his proficiency in communication, gleaned from extensive training and real-world practice, ensures that our patients always feel heard, understood, and valued.

In the realm of addiction medicine, it is not just about treating the symptom; it’s about understanding the individual, their journey, and their unique challenges. Dr. Richards’ clinical acumen, reflected in his ability to conduct comprehensive evaluations, devise intricate management strategies, and address a gamut of medical and psychiatric ailments, is pivotal to our ethos at Avanti. His leadership skills, having managed junior doctors and coordinated with expansive multidisciplinary teams, further solidify the infrastructure of patient-centric care we are proud to offer. As we continue our relentless pursuit of low recidivism and high client success, Dr. Richards stands as an emblematic figure, propelling us forward with his unmatched expertise and dedication.

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